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Success comes with passion to achieve something. The growing success of Rishi Seals Pvt. Ltd., is the result of passion, hard work and dedication of the following:

Mr. Ram Avatar Aggarwal is the M.D and Founder of the company. The idea to bring the best of window and door fittings to use makes one of the greatest reasons for his investing in establishment of the company. It is his talent and right approach to work that is gaining company more and more orders from various markets of the world. Under his leadership, the company is touching better skies and making its way to the top in the global industry. Currently, he is handling Corporate Finance and Strategy related all business works. 

Mr. Naresh Kumar (Director) is overseeing production tasks and implementing benefitting practices to advanced manufacturing facilities for better outcome. Under his mentorship works a diligent team, which conforms to the global standards while production, testing and packaging Door Stopper Hinges, Antique Steel Door Handle, Rubber Door Seal, and numerous other products. He pioneered Total Quality Management in the company, one of the few at the beginning times, based on Japanese model. He has been setting quality benchmark by making all the best decision for reliable production. 

Mr. Prashant Garg is the CEO in this company. He is actively handling diverse operations in the company and managing various tasks, all of which attracts growth. He holds great people management skills, all of which are helping him maintain lasting relationship with customers. It is the result of his knowledge and expertise that the company is gaining its competitive edge in this sector. 

Manufacturing Expertise

Our reputation as a quality manufacturing company is the result of our modern production facilities. We have our production plant based in Industrial Area of Anand Parbat, New Delhi (India), fitted with necessary machinery. To minimize defects during fabrication of Door Stopper Hinges, Rubber Door Seal, Antique Steel Door Handle, etc., we follow quality management techniques and apply correct processes of production. We have in-house centre for quality of sourced and finished goods to ensure quality production. 

Quality Policy & Process

Making our company stand out in the industry is our quality production program. We use genuine quality and supreme grade stainless steel, aluminium, mild steel, rubber and other materials for developing seals, hinges, stoppers and other products. Also, we strictly follow international norms of the industry during production and testing of aforesaid products. Our company has heavily invested in developing in-house quality test centre for conducting hardness, thickness, corrosion, hull cell and other tests, all of which help in conforming that products meet standard norms of the industry.

Why Choose Us?

Making products in India and showcasing them on a global platform is our area of expertise. We are happy to impressing a large number of customers with the following:

  • Experience and Insight: We hold almost two decades of longstanding in producing hinges, stoppers and other hardware products. 
  • Turnover: Our growth can be seen from great rise in our annual turnover from the past many years.
  • Manufacturing Scale: We have 8400 sq. mtr. production plant for fabricating products.
  • Global Presence: Our company boasts of its presence in over 10 countries.
  • Customers Delight: We make ordered products delivery on scheduled time and charge our best prices for all our products.
  • Innovation In Design: Our product experts keep innovating better designs of hinges, seals and more products to attract and satisfy customers.